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Integrated Community Projects

“Integrated Community Projects” is a programme that is aimed at promoting bottom-up development in the target divisions. This is done in close collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock and other organizations working in the target divisions. In addition to promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development, the programme also provides valuable feedback for college staff and course participants

Chronology of work done since the inception of the Programme  1997- 2004

  • The programme implemented integrated rural development projects in Kamara Division in Kuresoi District and Lare Division of Njoro Distric in partnership with Self Help Development International (now Self Help Africa). Some o the key achievements of the programme were:
  • The programme succeeded in bringing together stakeholders in the two divisions to work together minimizing competition and duplication of efforts
  • Communities were organized into structures and institutions that facilitated delivery of services.
  • Group approach as an extension methodology was started and promoted in the two divisions
  • Two Savings and Credit SACCOS were established offering the much needed credit to farmers and particularly women who did not have collateral for loans
  • Lare Artificial Insemination Self Help Project was started with support from Gorta to distribute bull semen after the Government of Kenya liberalized A.I. services. The project is operational to date.
  • Food security was promoted in the two divisions
  • Water harvesting for both crops and household use was enhanced. By 2004 over 3500 water pans had been constructed in Lare Division alone. This was a collaborative project between Kenya Agricultural Research Institute –Njoro, Egerton University, Baraka Agricultural College, World Wide Fund for Nature, Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock Development and other extension agencies in the Division.
  • HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming and Behaviour Change Programmes with support from Self Help Africa and Franciscan Brothers
  • Environmental conservation was stepped up. Community and individual tree nurseries were started. By 2004 over 20 Community Tree Nurseries with capacity to produce 200,000 tree seedlings had been established. Tree planting campaigns were stepped up. This is discernable if one visits most parts of Lare and Kamara Divisions that were bare before the year 2000

2005- To Date.

After successful implementation of the projects in Lare and Kamara, Self Help Development International (Self Help Africa) phased out Lare Division and took over Tenges Division of Baringo District. The two areas are 85 Kilometres apart. While Kamara Division has high agricultural potential and with rainfall well over 1000mm, Tenges Division is largely semi-arid receiving on average less than 600mm of rain that is poorly distributed. Among the successful Projects implemented in the two areas are:

Seed bulking for drought tolerant crops

  • Dairy goat production
  • Local poultry production among the women in Tenges
  • Clean Potato seed production
  • Promoted livelihoods rehabilitation and restoration for the internally displaced persons and other vulnerable households with support from Self Help Africa, Franciscan Brothers, Misean Cara Trocaire, Manos Unidas, and International Teams U.K.
  • 73 House holds and 9 schools supported to harvest rain water with support from Self Help Africa, Manos Unidas, Water from Ireland and Catholic Mission in Tenges
  • HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming
  • Supported dispensaries with diagnostic equipments and reagents
  • Peace building initiatives and community integration and interaction after the post election violence with support from Trocaire , Misean Cara, Mary knoll Sisters and Franciscan Brothers

Challenges faced by the programme

  • Community polarization brought about by post election violence
  • Rebuilding the social and physical infrastructure destroyed during the post election violence
  • Dwindling donor funds from our traditional donors

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