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Bee Keeping Development


Beekeeping programme is a development project that aim at empowering rural communities to engage in beekeeping as an alternative, environmentally friendly enterprise for improved and secure livelihoods in Kenya and East Africa. It promotes training, access to information and material relevant to beekeeping. This is achieved through:-

  • Training students and farmers.
  • Research and documentation
  • Providing effective outreach,Reaching even the most interior parts 
  • Bee breeding and multiplication

The Importance of Beekeeping

Beekeeping has a very important role to play in the development of Kenya and other African countries. Pollination is the most important but often unseen benefit. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male to the female part of the flower resulting in fertilization. Bees are good pollinators and many flowering plants depend on insects, such as bees, to transfer pollen. Inadequate pollination results in low yields of uneven and small fruits. It is estimated that more than 75% of the crops in warmer countries, such as Kenya, benefit from bee pollination. The other main benefit of beekeeping is the production of products such as honey, beeswax and propolis which are a valuable source of income for small-holder farmers. Beekeeping is also a valuable source of income for pastoralist communities in Kenya's Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASAL's). People living in ASAL's are among Kenya poorest. Beekeeping also has a very important role to play in protecting Kenya's natural environment and gives communities economic benefits from standing trees. As a group, beekeepers have a vested interest in protecting trees - the source of their honey.

Beekeeping Capacity Building Project

Baraka Agricultural College runs a Beekeeping Outreach Project (Beekeeping Development projects) to five Districts in Kenya. Namely Nakuru, larger Baringo, Kericho, Larger koibatek and Bomet. Our emphasis on practical skills training is proving very successful with overwhelming demand for our services.The project can be much more effective and have wider reach when we work with and through others to build their beekeeping capacity, by providing technical backup, support and training

Bee Product Marketing

Baraka Agricultural College has been assisting small holder beekeepers market their honey as a means of uplifting their livelihoods. Baraka Agricultural College has been generating income through sales of honey and its by products by Baraka Highland Honey (BHH).

Impact of the project.

Outreach services have led to developing and augmenting our farmer-to-farmer outreach services and pushing for increased collaboration with other stakeholders, such as Ministry of livestock, Non Governmental Organizations and Churches we have been able to reach thousands of households through outreach services and short courses and many livelihoods have changed to better as they can earn income through beekeeping as a business enterprise.

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