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Baraka Highland Honey


Processes and markets quality honey and bees wax products. Honey is either sold raw/crude or refined. We pack and sell refined honey in different quantities. However, refined honey could be sold in a customers container of choice depending on the quantity desired. The beeswax products are of different types. We also offer consultancy services in beekeeping and sell beekeeping books at fair prices. Our products are readily available in leading supermarkets and shops and the same products are available at Baraka Agricultural College. All our products are certified by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS)

These include:


Our honey is drawn from trained beekeepers across the country and through tests are undertaken to ensure quality is adhered to. Our honey is pure with no additives and is marketed in the form of crude/raw and refined (wholesale and retail). The packages include;

·         7kg bucket

·         1kg jar

·         500gms jar

·         500gms squeezer bottle

·         300gms jar

·         300gms squeezer bottle

· ·     200gms jar

·         100gms jar


NOTE: we also sell unpacked refined honey to customers with their own containers.


1.      Beesline Jelly

This is made from pure beeswax and coconut oil . it keeps skin smooth and natural. Suitable for all skin type. The packages include;

Ø  100gms

Ø  55gms

2.      Bees wax candles

The candles produce a long, pure and clean burn that does not produce smoke. The candles are moulded to fit various occasions ranging from birthday, dinner, house deco and church services. The shapes and sizes are as follows;

·         Big flowered

·         Christmas tree shape

·         Rabbit shape

·         Pine shape

·         Hut shape

·         9cm long plain

·         Cone shape

3.      Wax foundation sheets

They are also called comb starters. They are used as starter combs in the langstroth hive frames.

4.      Pure beeswax

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