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Our Vision & Mission


"A centre of excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development"


"To provide practical education, research and training in SARD through a responsive curriculum to a changing economic, socio-cultural, enviromental and technlogical development".

Guiding Philosophy - Core Values

The Philosophy of BAC is based in the reality that every human person is a unique individual and that she/he has a right to an environment in which she/he can live with dignity. It is founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the desire to bring this "good news" in a practical way to all people, especially the poor. Based on the social teaching of the Catholic Church the College endeavours to serve all people irrespective of their religion or ethnicity. All College programmes focus on recognizing human potential, natural resources and the environment as the foundation of economic and social activity. From the above guiding philosophy the core values of BAC are: Respect and care for the earth: Through waste management policy and practices, avoidance of land degradation and efficient use of natural resources. Spirit of excellence: adhere to set quality standards, integrity and going the extra mile beyond expectation Equality to all: impartial approach to service provision and respect of fundamental human rights and freedom Stewardship:full responsibility and accountability of resources in our custody

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