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About Baraka

Baraka Agricultural College (BAC) was founded in 1974 by the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru to educate and train the newly settled farmers of the then Rift Valley Province in Kenya. Since 1976, the college has been under the management of the Franciscan Brothers.

To respond effectively to the rapidly changing social and economic conditions and needs of increasing number of small-holder farmers in the region, Baraka College curriculum has been promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD) in Eastern Africa. Today the mission of Baraka College is to promote SARD in Eastern Africa through the process of dialogue, participatory education, training and research.

Baraka College has based its philosophy on reality that every human person is a unique individual with a right to an environment in which s/he can live with dignity. It is based on the desire to bring “good news” in a practical way to all people, especially the poor. Based on the social teaching of the church, the college endeavours to serve all people irrespective of their religion or ethnicity. All college programmes focus on recognizing human potential, natural resources and the environment as the foundation of economic and social activity. In striving to fulfil its mission, Baraka Agricultural College offers several programmes all of which focus on empowering rural communities in Eastern Africa.

In order to enhance Baraka College mission various innovative approaches need to be explored. With an urge to successfully advance in addressing rural community issues, we have needed to develop new methods of thinking, that will elaborate, no doubt new patterns of behaviour in the way Baraka College interacts, communicates and disseminates ‘news’ to its regional, and indeed global rural communities. Baraka Agricultural College has, as determined by new conditions in the life of humankind today and in the future, reviewed and ‘re-loaded’ its website in quality and features making the website even more user-friendly, relevant and attractive to not only our wider clients but also to BAC’s staff, partners, students, past students and their networks including local rural community-based development groups and youth.

In the era of e-business Baraka College clients will be able to access college information, download and upload it more efficiently from a one-stop source. This way the newly designed and improved website will therefore offer better and wide range of information packages geared at satisfying college clients.

I finally and not least wish to thank college partners who continue to be so generous in their support for Baraka College mission. Particularly I salute Misean Cara and Gorta two Irish development agencies that have immensely enabled Baraka College to improve the website.

Our Courses

1. Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

2. Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture

3. Diploma in Social work and Community Development

4. Dairy Farm Management Level 5 and 6

5. Horticulture Producer Level 5 and  6

6. Agri-preneurship Level 5 and  6

7.  Sustainable Agriculture For Rural Development Level 5

8. Certificate in fishery and Technology

9. Certificate in Entrepreneurial Agriculture

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Short Courses targeting farmers for Quick Practical Knowledge


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