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Short Course

The aim of the short courses is that participants acquire knowledge and skills necessary for rural development and sustainable livelihoods.

The college training resources include the shamba ( farm) ,bee keeping development unit and the skills unit. Teaching aids includes audio visuals like the Projectors, educational videos and computers.

Short Courses

The cost of courses range from Kshs 11,000 to Kshs 15,000. Fees are inclusive of the tuition, food and accommodation. Courses run from Sunday evening (Supper included) to Saturday morning (after breakfast). Participants are strongly adviced to bring their own towel and gumboots (Wellington boots). Recent courses have featured students from all over Africa as well as the UK. Transport can be arranged for foreign students from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi - please refer to the college for transport charges. The courses are conducted in both English and Kiswahili or translated into local languages depending on the group and at the end of the course participants are awarded certificates. Beekeeping short courses focus on sustainable beekeeping using traditional and top bar hives, however, frame hives are also included. Training sessions are designed to be as practical as possible.

For the current short Courses dates refer to our 2016 prospectus


Please note :

  • Additional courses can be arranged for groups of twenty to twenty five
  • Arrangements can be make to offer course to organized groups (full board or on-site) which fall outside the above schedules

If you would like to join the above courses please download and fill in the relevant form

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